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Technology is neither good nor bad, but plan is Orwellian

, 10:56

Technology is neither good nor bad. With a knife one can make a sandwich and save life of a hungry person or one can kill a person. It all depends on how do we understand and use it. However, today not many people understand technology and still not many realize who controls it.

Listen to the elite talking about their Orwellian plan. How lightly, enjoying themselves and laughing, they talk about the plan for the most brutal tyranny ever, a horror that soon will become a reality for everyone living, including children.

Davos Elite Reveal Orwellian Plan to Decode Your Brain and Read Your Mind

In fact George Orwell's 1984 is already here for many. CIA orchestrated back in the 1950s project MKUltra has never ended, instead it has spread and progressed beyond imaginable idea of torture. Human mind and body have been decoded during the last decades.

Will you dare to care about your future and future of your children?

Watch the sky and watch this important lawsuit against Geoengineering

, 08:20

As a child I always loved and enjoyed looking at the sky and I still remember well how it looked like years ago, at least where I used to live. I liked looking at the clouds during the day and at the stars at night. I still do that, but, today, I feel disturbed when looking up. Stars can be rarely seen at all the way they used to be and clouds seem bizarre to say at least.

Every day, I look up at the sky and every day I see them spraying toxins, and, sometimes, it truly looks insane. Geoengineering is real and is evil. What is also disturbing that most people do not seem to care, do not seem to even notice, do not seem to pay any attention.

Fortunately there are some who do care and pay attention and with this short post I wanted to Thank Dane Wigington and his team for chalenging and fighting this sickening crime back. And, I wish them all the best and all the luck in the world.

Pokemon Go Obsession

, 07:02

Recently, I have been told by a dear friend that I am obsessed with the Pokemon Go. Ironically, I never played this game, nor I ever intend to. I did spend few hours though on researching it just to understand what is it about, what is its purpose. I did this as I very much care about a 12 year old boy, who started to be attracted to this insane, designed by the CIA hand John Hanke, game, only because his friends play it... And, because I care, I began to reflect...

What have we all became? How careless are we?

Facing children, shouldn’t we care more about being honest?

I find it sad that in XXI century, we still, do not dare to guide the children of this world to teach them the value of being unique, the value of individuality, and, instead, we irresponsibly allow them to be sucked into the brain-washing machine, the system, created by the evil, self proclaimed, elites, designed to enslave us all, enslave humanity.

If you care about children, please tell them the truth...

Brilliantly written article by Sam Gerrans:

Even Forbes journalist Curtis Silver concludes that this sick game is about mind control: ¨If that isn’t mind control, I don’t know what is.¨

See also:

Pokemon Go as occult mind control programming:

When visiting London people massively play pokemon go and they laugh about the fact that they (sleep) walked into a tree or car:



, 03:55

High percentage of the human body is water and, therefore, it is very easy to cook human beings with the use of microwave weapons; weapons that operate invisibly at the speed of light and are commonly described as non-lethal weapons, while, actually, they can heat a tissue, they can burn and they can also kill... In seconds, invisibely, with no trace...

Cooking a human being is torture or even (a slow motion) murder. Therefore, the hidden operators of those weapons, even if covert by the so called Active Denial System (ADS), are nothing else, but torturers and murderers.

With this brief statement opening my blog, I want to make it clear to those involved in commiting those covert crimes (that btw. are the most horrible crimes ever commited in the human history and, if not stopped within the next decade or so may lead to the end of humanity) that I never gave, I do not give and I will never give my consent to this nor any other torture and/or experimentation and I strongly request that you STOP COOKING ME, STOP GANG STALKING ME and STOP MIND CONTROLLING ME.

I am not a chicken! And, I am not a guinea pig!

I am a human being.

Respect me.